Legal Digest, February 2020


  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan

1. Azerbaijan:

Amendments to Foreign Currency Regulation

Employment and employee benefits in Azerbaijan: overview

2. Belarus:

An investment contract in the system of civil law contracts

The Buzz in Belarus

The legal regulation of shared construction of non-residential premises

3. Georgia:

Georgia February Legal Updates 2020

4. Kazakhstan:

Development of Islamic finance in Kazakhstan: Reality or myth?

Mining Law 2020: Kazakhstan

Changes in the procedure for filling out customs declarations and rules for the temporary storage

Draft of the new Environmental Code of Republic of Kazakhstan: key points for entrepreneurs

On the Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission about provision of documents confirming the origin of cash

5. Kyrgyzstan:

GRATA Kyrgyzstan Monthly Legal Summary

6. Mongolia:

Doing Business in Mongolia

Legal briefing on Combating money laundering and terrorism financing of Mongolia

Railway transportation regulation of Mongolia

7. Russia:

Personal Data Protection in Russia 2020

Analytical review on the creation of corporate environmental risk management systems in Russia in the context of the environmental legislation reform

What legislative changes are expected to small businesses in Russia in 2020?

What legislative changes are expected for large Russian businesses in 2020?

8. Uzbekistan:

The first cryptocurrency exchange has been opened in Uzbekistan

Agency for Development of Small Business and Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Economy and Industry has been established

The Antitrust Committee is considering the issue of revoking licenses from Pharmaceutical companies, breaching antitrust regulations in Uzbekistan

The procedure for registration of personal databases in Uzbekistan has been established

In Uzbekistan, the number of licenses and permits for entrepreneurs will be halved

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