Information Technology and Data Protection issues will increasingly affect business and other areas. The continuous development of information technology and the expansion of the business presence of companies throughout the world lead to an increase in the information volume that companies collect, use and process. Data protection and information security have become crucial and complex legal issues for data controllers and processors. There are a lot of issues concerning data protection, including uncertainties in legislation, which is constantly developing together with business processes to match the needs of society.

GRATA International’s Data Protection & Privacy lawyers are versed in IT legislation, including business localisation issues, information protection, data export, cloud storage ability, etc.


  • Development of internal (corporate) documents related to the collection, processing and protection of personal data;
  • Advising on the collection, processing, export and protection of personal data, as well as on other issues related to data protection regulation by national legislation, including in view of the GDPR;
  • Representation of clients during inspections by regulatory authorities;
  • Legal audit of the company's internal documents for compliance with the requirements of national legislation on personal data protection;
  • Advising in the area of information and communication technologies;
  • Development of internal (corporate) documentation related to the information security and information and communication technologies;
  • Advising on information security issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Legal audit of internal documents for compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on information security and information and communication technologies.


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