T h e   A n t i t r u s t   C o m m i t t e e   i s   c o n s i d e r i n g   t h e   i s s u e   o f   r e v o k i n g   l i c e n s e s   f r o m   P h a r m a c e u t i c a l   c o m p a n i e s ,   b r e a c h i n g   a n t i t r u s t   r e g u l a t i o n s   i n   U z b e k i s t a n  

Due to a large number of complaints related to unfair competition in 2019, the Antitrust Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan puts under consideration the issue of obtaining the right to apply financial sanctions against companies that violate antitrust laws.

It was noted that often violators are pharmaceutical companies that illegally copy medicines, hereby violating intellectual property rights. Henceforth, the removal of a license is considered by the Antitrust Committee as one of the levers of influence on unconscientious manufacturers.

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