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Cookies Policy

 Objectives and Purposes of the Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy is designed to clarify GRATA International's approach to the use of cookie technology and other technologies for collecting and tracking information in any form of interaction with the website:

This Cookie Policy is intended to help you understanding the cookie technology and how GRATA International uses this technology to provide the best experience when using the website:


Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored by a web browser on a user's device and which are used to remember information, preferences and user settings when using the website. Cookie technology is used to enhance an individual experience and improve usability when working with a website and using all its functions and elements. More information about cookie technology can be found at:

GRATA International website ( also uses other technologies for collecting and tracking information, such as Google Analytics, tags, scripts and pixels. The use of cookies and the said technologies occurs only with your consent expressed through the online form provided for on GRATA International website ( Please review the Privacy Policy of our website to learn more about how we collect, process, store and use your personal data.

Purposes of Using Cookies

GRATA International uses cookie technology and other identical technologies to:

  • ensure website navigation;
  • generate summary statistics on the website use;
  • share content with others;
  • improve your experience of using the website and digital services;
  • ensure analytics and data research for improvement of the quality of services and products on the website;
  • store individual settings and personal preferences to improve usability and experience of using the website;
  • address errors and troubleshoot to ensure the website functionality and optimality.

Types of Cookies

GRATA International uses the following cookies in the website operation:

  • Functional cookies used for storing personal information, individual users' settings and preferences to improve individual experience and quality, as well as to simplify the work with the website;
  • Advertising cookies used to collect information about website visiting, interests, content viewed, links clicked with the purpose of targeting to send personalised ads to users;
  • Analytical and working cookies used to recognise and count the number of users, collect statistics on the website use, improve the quality of our services and products;
  • Session cookies used temporarily while using the website and deleted when the session is closed.

Cookies Management

You can disable the cookies transmission by choosing the “opt-out” in the proposed form, or through your browser settings:

If you disable cookies, the website may work incorrectly!

Google Analytics

We use the web analytics service 'Google Analytics' to collect statistics on the website use. This service uses cookies to collect information such as your location, IP address, device and browser details, as well as your website activity.

This information helps us ensuring maximum compatibility based on your interests and preferences, analyse the website traffic and page views. All the information so collected is aimed solely at ensuring the usability of the website, as well as improving the way of content delivery.

You can disable data tracking access for Google Analytics by installing the same-name browser extension. For more information on Google’s Privacy Policy, please visit the Google Privacy and Terms page.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the Cookies Policy, please feel free to contact us by:

Amendments to the Cookies Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective from the date of its official publication on the website: Upon publication hereof, all previous versions of the Cookies Policy automatically become invalid. Any amendments to this Cookies Policy will be available and published on the website:

Last updated: April 2020