GRATA International in Armenia

GRATA International in Armenia

GRATA International is honoured to announce that Rod Kurtman Legal represents GRATA International as an associate office in Armenia. Establishing an office in Armenia is a great convenience for our clients from Armenia, as well as for international clients of the entire network with interests in Armenia.

A professional group of partners, excellent client references, a dynamic team of lawyers providing quality service are the key features of our new associated office in the Republic of Armenia.

The Yerevan office is led by Khoren Nasibyan, who not only has extensive experience in supporting foreign investors, but also has a deep understanding of the local market.

Dimitri Papadopoulos, Executive Director, GRATA International:

"We are very encouraged by the fact that "Rod Kurtman Legal" is now with us. Rod Kurtman Legal meets all the standards required for legal services to uphold our existing capabilities in the region and to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Extending coverage in Armenia is another significant step in GRATA International`s expansion strategy as we continue to develop comprehensive coverage and solutions for our clients globally. Offering comprehensive, synergistic solutions allows the clients to achieve their business objectives at the local and international levels. 

Working with professionals that share our values is of high importance to us, and we believe in the great success of our office in Armenia".

Khoren Nasibyan, Managing Partner, Rod Kurtman Legal :

“We were actively involved in providing legal services in the Armenian market for the recent 9 years as a law firm. During the term, we served several international clients from different countries and jurisdictions. One of the major concerns when entering the Armenian business environment for those clients was the absence of international law firms in the local market.  Becoming a part of the growing professional team of GRATA International fully addresses this concern. Our existing and potential clients gain a realistic advantage of having a strong international legal team behind when doing business all over the world".