Dispute resolution support in CIS and Eastern Europe

Dispute resolution support in CIS 
and Eastern Europe

Dear clients!

The continuing development and close economic links between countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Armenia), and close historic ties between CIS countries encourage constant cooperation between the countries, increase the volume of mutual trade and number of business projects between the companies from these countries.

Citizens and business in EEU countries can already feel the benefits of the freedom movement of labour. Citizens of the Union can now work in any EEU state without having to obtain labour permits and can also use their education documents without any recognition procedures.

In 2016, several pieces of legislation were adapted to form a single market for medicines and medical devices. In 2019, EEU countries should create a united energy market which will provide an efficient pricing mechanism, increase electricity production output and export opportunities for energy systems of the states.

Within the framework of EEU agreements, a single market for oil and petrochemicals should be formed by 2025. This market excludes any export tariffs and quotas in mutual trade between the countries. Furthermore, access to gas transportation infrastructure will be provided by 2025. 

The increasing volume of mutual trade between the countries leads to more frequent interactions between the companies. Because businesses do not always operate in perfect conditions, more business activities between the countries and their companies can also bring more disputes as parties might not be able to settle on certain issues.

In such cases, companies often must resort to litigation in state and arbitration courts. In cases with involvement of companies from different countries, parties have to find qualified counsel in a foreign jurisdiction, counsel whose professional skills and expertise they can trust.

As a part of our enhanced range of services and an expanded network of offices, we would like to offer a new service – Dispute resolution in CIS and Eastern Europe.

Lawyers of GRATA International will represent the interests of clients in disputes across ten countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Our litigation lawyers have extensive experience of working on projects with in-depth expertise in dispute resolution and practical legal application according to local regulations.

Our dispute resolution team is also strengthened by former judges who make the most of their vast experience and help our clients get a practical perspective on their case. These factors help us create an optimal strategy for handling the case and getting the desired outcome for our clients.

For your convenience, GRATA International offers this service according to the “one-stop-shop” principle. All communication in relation to your project can be carried out with our lawyers and experts from offices in Russia, who will then coordinate all the work with our team in a different jurisdiction.

Our team will be happy to assist you with:

  • Pre-trial settlement
  • Representation in courts of all instances/arbitration courts
  • Enforcement procedures support
  • Enforcing awards and decisions of foreign courts and arbitrations
  • Taking interim measures in arbitration proceedings abroad
  • Legal supports during state authorities’ inspections
  • Acting as a local law expert in arbitration proceedings abroad

We are confident, that the combination of a high level of professionalism of our experts, offices in the above-mentioned countries and coordination of your project in your country, will provide you with prompt and quality legal services for dispute resolution in CIS and Eastern Europe.

We are always happy to help you!

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