GRATA International in Saint Petersburg

GRATA International in Saint 

GRATA International in Saint Petersburg


Continuing rapid development in Russia, GRATA International is glad to announce the launch of a new associate office in Saint Petersburg. Following the firm’s expansion into such regional hubs, as Novosibirsk, Samara and Kazan, establishing a presence in the second largest city of Russia was only a question of time.We are happy to welcome Legal Studio Law firm as our associate office in St. Petersburg from May 2017.

Legal Studio Law firm is a relatively young fast growing law firm, which has already gained the reputation as one of the leading legal counsels in North-West Federal District.

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city and its former capital.  Originally founded by Tsar Peter the Great on the Neva River, this city served as the capital of the Russian Empire for over 200 years. The importance and role of Saint Petersburg in Russia’s past and present are hard to overestimate. Today Saint Petersburg plays a vital part in Russia’s economy. Being Russia’s second largest economic and industrial centre, the city attracts large volumes of foreign investment.  The cultural capital of Russia is also a home to a vast number of businesses and the largest sea port on the Baltic Sea.

GRATA International’s expansion into Saint Petersburg sets a new benchmark for legal services in Russia. Legal Studio’ dynamic team of lawyers is determined to provide our clients with high-standard quality legal counsel in North-West of Russia and beyond.

Vladimir Komarov, Managing Partner, Legal Studio: 

"We are pleased to be part of GRATA International, for us it is an opportunity to expand customer service, improve the quality of service and attract new partners. Now we are writing a new page of our joint history, which promises great prospects and many years of productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with our new partners."

Almat Daumov, Senior Partner, GRATA International (Russia):

"We see our mission in the further development of GRATA International's positions in the regions of Russia.  The launch of an associate office in Saint Petersburg is an important step in our plan implementation in Russia and countries of Northern and Eastern Europe. From the beginning of2017 we have established productive and effective communication with Legal Studio law firm. I am confident that the team of talented lawyers headed by Vladimir Komarov will considerably reinforce our Russian practice. We will continue to respond to emerging regional and international challenges according to needs of our clients."