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GRATA International is the biggest and vastly growing International Law firm in Central Asia. For more than 28 years, the best in class professionals are offering their high-quality legal consultancy. We are over 250 lawyers located in 20 countries Worldwide with headquarter located strategically in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the heart of Eurasia. Cultivating the diversity in corporate culture, GRATA International offers its services within the range of countries where it is located, from far West to the Far East.

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GRATA International believes in fostering the talent and skills of every employee. By offering vacancies in different industries and practice areas, we look to provide applicants with the opportunity to nourish their skills and capabilities.
As an experienced lawyer, you will be able to join our outstanding international team and work with them on various projects. You will be part of our team, where you will gain expertise in local and international cases and work with our colleagues in other countries.

  • We are looking for individuals:
  • Who hold a bachelor’s degree with merit;
  • Whose academic achievements place them in the top 10% of their cohort;
  • Who have experience working in an International Law Firm;
  • Who speak fluent English.


GRATA International offers summer internships for second and third year students, as well as students in their final year. We develop programs and plans for every group of interns. Interns are involved in real-life projects and work in teams with top-class legal professionals. It is becoming our custom to hire prospective and talented young interns so that they can become a part of our world-class team after they graduate.

Career growth

We strongly empower young professionals to take active steps in self-development and professional excellency. We have implemented regular HR meetings, feedback sessions, mentorship and rotation programs. At GRATA we implement the latest techniques in employee motivation and development, including coaching and goal setting.

Working in teams

Young professionals work in teams with professional lawyers and partners and are involved in international projects. Project work allows young professionals to gain expertise while working with more experienced peers. At GRATA International, we nourish cooperation, communication and team spirit while working on projects.

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Danil Gavrin, Senior Associate

GRATA International is not just a team of first-class specialists, but a grand friendly family. Work in the firm brings me significant personal development, professional experience, as well as positive emotions that stimulate me to accomplish my goals and objectives.