Public emergency readiness regime has been extended

Public emergency readiness regime has been extended

The public emergency readiness regime in Mongolia has been extended until 06:00 May 8, 2021 under a Governmental Decree No 104, dated April 23, 2021. In connection with this, the Governor of Capital City issued an Order No A/313, dated April 25, 2021 regulating the following issues.

The following activities of government organization, legal entities, and individuals shall not be restricted:

  • Legislative and state administrative organization, state and local self-government bodies, Authority against Corruption, the General Election Commission (election bodies of all level) (up to 10% of all employees and workers may work with time restrictions);
  • Health organization, pharmacies, suppliers of medicine and medical devices;
  • Special-function organizations (Emergency Management Agency, Nature Conservation Organizations, Customs, Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring, Agency for Specialized Inspection, Armed Forces, Border Security, Domestic Soldiers, Special Forces, Police, Executive Agency of Court Decisions, Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, and Public Transportation);
  • National objects and organizations of high priority and strategic importance to shift to special schedule (Foreign Diplomatic Missions, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations, State Registration Authority, the Immigration, Ulaanbaatar Traffic Control Center, Ulaanbaatar Railway, Chinggis Khaan International Airport, Civil Aviation, MIAT, Biocombinat, central office of Authority for Standardization and Metrology, Precious Metal Sample Control, National Data Center, and Tavan Tolgoi Fuel LLC);
  • Energy, heat, and water supply;
  • Public utilities, housing offices, homeowners’ association;

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