M O N G O L I A :   A p p r o v a l   o f   p a c k a g e   l a w s   o n   e x e m p t i o n   a n d   c r e d i t   o f   T a x   a n d   S o c i a l   i n s u r a n c e   p r e m i u m   d u r i n g   C o v i d 1 9  

Approval of package laws on exemption and credit of Tax and Social insurance premium during Covid19

The Parliament of Mongolia has passed Law of Mongolia on Credit and Exemption from Corporate Income Tax, Law of Mongolia on the Exemption from Personal Income Tax, Law of Mongolia on Exemption from insurance premium and supporting from unemployment insurance fund on 09 April, 2020 to prevent the spread of the virus named as Covid-19 that World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading corona-virus outbreak as a pandemic. By those laws, the following matters has regulated:


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