Legal update: The Amendment on Constitution of Mongolia

Legal update: The Amendment on Constitution of Mongolia

New Constitution of Mongolia established a representative democracy after revolution from Socialist society to Democratic society which was adopted on January 13, 1992 and amended in 1999 and 2001. Under the last amendment on the Constitution, the new paragraphs  are added on following articles of sovereignty, human rights and freedoms, structure of state including State Great Khural, Government, Judiciary, Municipal governing body, Constitutional court and amendments of Constitution are included it. This Constitution was approved to protect the better human rights than previous constitutions which had been adopted in 1924, 1940 and 1960.

The State Great Khural of Mongolia passed amendments on the Constitution on November 14, 2019. This amendment shall be effective starting from July 01, 2020 or after the State Great Khural (Parliamentary) election.

In brief, the amendments of the Constitution additionally introduced several new articles more than changed or modified previous articles as follows;

  • Sovereignty & the human rights and freedoms;
  • State Great Khural (Parliament)
  • Executive Branch;
  • Judiciary;
  • Local governance.

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