Legal summary of Law on Workforce migration

Legal summary of Law on Workforce migration

Legal summary of Law on Workforce migration

The Law on Workforce migration was adopted to determine the relationship, management and organization of workforce migration from Mongolia to foreign country and from foreign country to Mongolia on basis of national labor market data, in a unified and comprehensive manner in order to protect human rights and legitimate interests. The implementation of labor migration policies and regulations will have positive social and economic consequences, including increased employment, sustainable population growth, family stability and more specialized and skilled human resources.

1) Employment mediation for Mongolian citizens in foreign countries

A license is required to provide employment mediation services for working and having internship services for Mongolian citizens in foreign country and hire employees from foreign country.

The following legal entities or persons are prohibited to run employment mediation services:

  • legal entity engaged in tourism and airline ticket services;
  • a person or legal entity identified by the competent authorities to have committed an offence by deception, misleading, fraud or other misconduct when sending an employee to a foreign country;
  • civil servants;
  • foreign-invested legal entities;
  • non-licensed legal entity;
  • foreign citizens, stateless persons, legal entities of foreign countries;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • religious organizations;
  • others stated in legislation.

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Law on Workforce migration of Mongolia

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