Legal Alert: Law on Cyber security

Legal Alert: Law on Cyber security

On June 30, 2021, the Government of Mongolia submitted a draft Law on Cyber security and supplementary draft laws to the State Great Khural(or the Parliament). On December 17, 2021 at the plenary session, the State Great Khural approved the draft Law on Cyber security. The law has adopted the first time in Mongolia and has been discussed and developed 7 times over the past decade.

Within framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our country has established a legal system for ensuring national cybersecurity, a vital law that creates legal conditions for the development and security of the country, as well as information security, which is an integral part of national security[1].

In case of violation of the Law on Cyber security and investigating the violation, the terminology, element of crime and the concept of Chapter 26 of the Criminal Code of Mongolia have been amended in accordance with the Law on Cyber ​​Security and the UN Budapest Convention. In addition, Law on Infringement, the Law on Communications, the Law on Infringement procedure and the Law on Criminal Procedure have been amended in connection with the adoption of the Law on Cyber security[2].

An overview of highlighted new regulations of the Law on Cyber security is outlined in this legal alert.

Purpose of the Law

The purpose of the Law on Cyber security is to establish a system, principles and legal basis for cybersecurity operations, and to manage the relations ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information in cyberspace and cyber environment.

Scope of the Law

Coordinates, organizes and monitors the relations between the state, individuals and legal entities related to cyber security.

Unless otherwise provided by law, this law shall apply to foreign citizens, stateless persons, and legal entities of foreign country and  with foreign investment which operates through Mongolia's information system and information network.

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