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GRATA International Kazakhstan office experts became the contributors of the 2017 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Data Protection published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London: http://iclg.com/practice-areas/data-protection/data-protection-2017/kazakhstan

The publication covers, in particular, the following areas of data protection, including personal data, in Kazakhstan: relevant legislation and competent authorities; key principles; individual rights; registration formalities and prior approval; marketing and cookies; restrictions on international data transfers; CCTV and employee monitoring; processing data in the cloud; big data and analytics; data security and data breach; enforcement and sanctions; trends and developments.


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Leila Makhmetova
Author: Leila Makhmetova
Job title: Partner, Director of Environmental Law Department
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Practice area:
Data Protection & Privacy
Licenses and Permits
Saule Akhmetova
Author: Saule Akhmetova
Job title: Partner, Branch Director
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Practice area:
Сommercial contracts
Data Protection & Privacy
Intellectual Property
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