On June 17th, 2022, the Great Khural of Mongolia officially approved the "Law on permits" ("the PL") and it has been enacted and became effective as of January 1st, 2023.

The following is a summary of amendments to the Law of Mongolia on Permits (2022) dated January 6, 2023, including newly added, amended, and deleted clauses.

New Provisions

1) Changes have been made to the list of permit

The list of special permits in Article 8.1 of the Law on Permits has been changed as follows:

Special permits added to the list of licenses and issuing authorities

New special permits

Issuing authority


To harvest timber from the forest

Forest department, or an authorized officer of sum or district


To engage in the activities of a professional organization for subsoil rehabilitation

Central state administrative body in charge of environmental issues

Moreover, according to amendments, the following changes have been made to the list of regular permits specified in Article 8.2 of the Law on Permits:

Regular licenses added to the list of licenses and issuing authorities

New regular permits

Issuing authority


To import genetic resources to Mongolia

Central state administrative body in charge of environmental issues


To use public streets and squares for commercial and service purposes

The governor of the respective province, capital, and district


Authorization to the aircraft to enter through gates that are not designated for air travel

the Supreme military professional management body


Flight in the border airspace

Air Force Command, or General Department of Border Protection

2) Grounds for the revocation of permits have been added

If the state stamp duty has not been paid within the period specified in Article 42.6 of the Law of Mongolia on State Stamp Duties, the permit shall be revoked.

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