GRATA International attended Lawyers Forum 2019 in Mongolia

GRATA International attended Lawyers Forum 2019 in Mongolia
In the third year, the "Lawyers Forum-2019" was held by Mongolian Bar Association on June 13, 2019, at the Corporate and Convention Centre under the motto "The Role and Participation of Lawyers in Legal Reform". This year's "Lawyers Forum-2019" was based on the main theme of "The Role and Participation of Lawyers in Legal Reform". 
More than 400 lawyers and honoured guests, as well as representatives from 21 province lawyers,  participated and shared their experiences, ideas, and initiatives. Bolormaa Volodya, Partner of GRATA International in Mongolia has attended to the Forum.

The Lawyers' participation is crucial in establishing a legal environment that is stable and non-existent. Therefore, the discussions under the "Lawyers Forum-2019" sought proposals and solutions to support the creation of optimal legal arrangements.

Specifically, following panel discussions was held on Forum such as “Protecting the independence of lawyers for review of corruption cases”, “State property management: Privatization, governance and legal regulation”, “Challenges to protecting the rights of children and lawyers participation”, “Technology reform and legal regulation”, “Legal reform, necessity of Civil Procedure”, “Torture, inhuman or degrading treatment, attacking in human dignity”, “Do we need Commercial law?”, “Double jeopardy: Should we use principle which prevent court shall not impose two punishment for one action during the procedure of criminal and conflict case?”, “Intellectual Property Legal Reform”, “Judicial Appointments”, “Management of Legal Partnership” and “Legal Assistance System”. The recommendations were issued from the Forum and submitted it to the relevant Authorities of Mongolia. 
Contacts: Bolormaa Volodya
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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