Shaimerden Chikanayev has contributed to the De Gruyter Handbook of Energy Law in the Low-Carbon Transition

In this Handbook of Energy Law in the Low-Carbon Transition, scholars from 6 continents and 19 countries discuss practical ways forward and aim to move forward the transition on a global scale. Shaimerden's chapter on the role of the natural gas in the energy transition is featured in this new volume edited by Bellantuono Giuseppe, Lee Godden, Hanri Mostert, Hannah Wiseman and Hao Zhang. Shaimerden's chapter, in particular, examines the role and prospects of natural gas as an energy source during the fourth energy transition, and also analyzes the conflict between the concepts of a “just energy transition” and “energy security”, which have worsened due to the “gas war” between Europe and Russia.

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Shaimerden Chikanayev currently on a study sabbatical until 2026, not an employee of GRATA.

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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