GRATA held an online conference: Topical issues of Contract law

On June 17, 2021, the GRATA offices in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan held an international conference: Topical issues of Contract law.

The first session was oriented for Russian-speaking audience and moderated by Darya Zhanysbayeva, Counsel of GRATA Kazakhstan. Speakers spoke on the following topics:

The second session was oriented for English-speaking audience and moderated by Ummi Jalilova, Managing Partner of GRATA Azerbaijan. Speakers spoke on the following topics:

During the conference, international commercial agreements, foreign trade transactions, forms of construction contracts FIDIC and others issues were discussed.

Each session was completed with a Q-A section, where speakers answered questions of interest to the audience.

The recording of the conference will be available on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for participating in our conference!

Darya Zhanysbayeva
Contacts: Darya Zhanysbayeva
Job title: Partner
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Rustam Akramov
Contacts: Rustam Akramov
Job title: Counsel, Head of Commercial Practice
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sofia Roinishvili
Contacts: Sofia Roinishvili
Job title: Partner
Tbilisi, Georgia
Ummi Jalilova
Contacts: Ummi Jalilova
Job title: Partner, Director of Baku office
Baku, Azerbaijan
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