GRATA International Kazakhstan took part in the Mining and Exploration Forum, MINEX Kazakhstan 2023

On April 19-20, 2023, the 13th Mining and Geological Forum, MINEX Kazakhstan, was hosted in Astana under the general theme of "Managing natural resources to accelerate national development."

The forum was organized by ТОО «Горный Форум» (Kazakhstan) with the support of Kazakhstani and international partner organizations. During the event, participants discussed the challenges and opportunities for growth and progress in the mining and geological industry in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

The forum began with welcoming speeches from the organizers, followed by the announcement of the first session, which was moderated by Almat Daumov, Partner at GRATA International.

During the second session, Almat also spoke on the topic of “About some legal risks of geological exploration in Kazakhstan and ways to solve them.


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The forum was also attended by other representatives of GRATA International, including Baizhan Bekzhanov, Zaira Sarsenova, Samat Daumov and Ainura Takeeva.

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We would like to thank the organizers for hosting such a large-scale event, during which the most relevant topics related to the mining industry were discussed.

More about the event on the website.

Ainura Takeyeva
Contacts: Ainura Takeyeva
Job title: Counsel
Aktau, Kazakhstan
Zaira Sarsenova
Contacts: Zaira Sarsenova
Job title: Partner, Atyrau and Aktobe Branch Director
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Almat Daumоv
Contacts: Almat Daumоv
Job title: Partner, Representative of GRATA International Moscow
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Samat Daumov
Contacts: Samat Daumov
Job title: Partner, Director of GRATA International in Astana
Astana, Kazakhstan
Baizhan Bekzhanov
Contacts: Baizhan Bekzhanov
Job title: Partner
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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