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On 23 April 2021, Vyacheslav Khorovsky, Managing Partner, GRATA Moscow, will  take part as a speaker at the conference‘Debt Recovery in International Disputes’ in Russia.

Topic: ‘Returning Assets for Russian Bankrupts from post-Soviet Countries’.

GRATA International will be a gold partner of the Conference, organized by the Russian Arbitration Association.

The event will be held in Moscow, Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat + ONLINE in Russian and English.

The Conference is intended for:

  • lawyers engaged in international arbitration, litigation, fraud and asset tracing;
  • in-house lawyers;
  • private investigators.

In-house consultants may take part for free.

For all organisational questions, please contact:

Email: victoria.kurashkina@arbitrations.ru 

Tel: +7 (905) 546-40-80

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Moscow, Russia
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