GRATA International law firm held a joint webinar with Legal Practice

On August 4, 2020, a webinar on the topic: "Reforming the gas market in Kazakhstan: main problems and legal aspects" was held.

The speaker was: Shaimerden Chikanayev, Partner of GRATA International

The following issues were discussed at the webinar:

I. Main disadvantages of the current legislative architecture of the Kazakhstan gas market: prerequisites for structural reforms

1) government regulation of wholesale gas prices and cross-subsidies.

2) lack of transparency in the tariff for the use of gas transportation infrastructure and underground storage facilities

3) underdevelopment of exchange trading in natural gas.

4) the pre-emptive right of KTG and the need to liberalize gas exports.

5) unfinished privatization and division of the activities of the monopolist (KMG) by activities (ownership unbundling).

6) unresolved issue of non-discriminatory access to trunk and distribution gas pipelines

II. Prospects and possible consequences of the launch of the EAEU common gas market in 2025.

III. Reform or Liberalization? What to expect?

The webinar record is available on our YouTube channel→

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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