A s s o c i a t e   o f f i c e   A b s o l u t e   A d v o c a t e s   L L P   b e c o m e s   a   f u l l y   i n t e g r a t e d   m e m b e r   o f   G R A T A   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   M o n g o l i a  

Aidar Sarymsakov, Member of GRATA International’s Global Board: 

“Dear clients and friends, I gladly announce that Associate office Absolute Advocates LLP becomes a fully integrated member of GRATA International Mongolia. This is a logical extension of effective cooperation with Bolormaa Volodya and her team for the past few years. We are certain that this transformation will boost our presence in Mongolia in all directions.”

Bolormaa Volodya, Partner of GRATA International Mongolia:

“As GRATA International in Mongolia, we will be one of few players who provide legal services to the largest multinational companies and collaboration on major international projects.

By becoming an integrated office of GRATA International, we will be part of the strongest legal network in Central Asia and connect to other regions in where GRATA International has presence such as Europe, China and the Middle East. Moreover, we’ll  use the latest technology in the legal market and expand our team of experts.

All law offices of GRATA International are committed to worldwide compliance with the highest quality standards in the provision of services to international clients”.

Bolormaa Volodya
Contacts: Bolormaa Volodya
Job title: Partner
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Aidar Sarymsakov
Contacts: Aidar Sarymsakov
Job title: Member of the Global Board GRATA International
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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