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On 23-24 September 2021, the International Legal Banking Forum will be held in Russia (Samara), where GRATA International Law Firm will act as a Partner.

The event is AIMED at the development of a centre of competence of the Russian Federation in the Volga region on rule-making and law enforcement in the banking and credit areas, as well as the law development in the banking industry.

Forum Topics:


  • Civil Law and Proceedings.
  • Criminal Law and Proceedings.
  • Legal Aspects of Dealing with Distressed Assets.
  • Financial Law. Banking Law. International Law. Compliance.

Panel Discussions:

  • Company ESG Policy: Practice, Opportunities, Progress.
  • Development of New Legal Institutions for Business in the Post-COVID-19 period.

Dmitry Samigullin, Managing Partner, GRATA International Samara, will act as a speaker. (The topic - to be determined*).

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