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GRATA International contributed to the International Comparative Legal Guide series - Franchise 2017 with the chapter on Kazakhstan

The publication that provides analysis of legal aspects of franchise in a useful comparative Q&A format, originally appeared at: https://www.iclg.co.uk/practice-areas/franchise/franchise-2017/kazakhstan

The following issues are covered, in particular, in the publication: 

  • Relevant Legislation and Rules Governing Franchise Transactions
  • Business Organisations Through Which a Franchised Business can be Carried On
  • Competition Law
  • Protecting the Brand and other Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Online Trading
  • Currency Controls and Taxation
  • Liability
  • Franchise Renewal
  • Franchise Migration

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Author: Saule Akhmetova
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Practice area:
Сommercial contracts
Data Protection & Privacy
Intellectual Property
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