Social Media and its Activity in Today’s Environment

By talking about public relations, the first thing that comes to mind is press releases, television news interviews, and newspaper articles. Public relations today is about more than disseminating information in the mainstream media. The latter still plays an important role, but it is no longer the only way of PR. In fact, the development of social media has led to a significant reduction in the audience of traditional media.
In today’s environment, public relations professionals should be aware that platforms such as blogs and social media allow everyone to publish their material. Therefore, anyone can become a publisher.

Television news was the only media source of information ahead of the World Wide Web, but according to Pew Research Center the gap is also closing. According to the Media Situation Report, audiences have declined across all news media except online.

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Authors:  Gumru Eyvazova, Senior Associate; Narmin Abbasova, Junior Associate of GRATA International Azerbaijan.

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