Shareholder disputes in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, are among the most sensitive and disruptive in their implications for business. A corporation based on agreement and trust between partners often lives and grows through the common efforts of its shareholders. In situations where disputes arise that cannot be resolved amicably, therefore, the overall business inevitably suffers and often suffers irreparably.

When representing one of the parties to a corporate conflict, we lawyers at GRATA International always educate our clients about the variety of situations and practices that the conflicting parties create in an attempt to prevail over their vis a vi.

Since shareholder disputes are usually disputes between people who know each other and the business itself, the disputes escalates from two to three to several dozen separate contests, conducted simultaneously in different courts over the course of several years.

Such legal turbulence inevitably involves the company itself, which begins to be affected by the conflict through problems with the sustainability of economic relations or with obtaining external funding.

Author: Andrey Borovkov
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Practice area:
Corporate and M&A
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