Regulations on Trade of Second-Hand Motor Land Vehicles

The system has changed for trade of second-hand vehicles. From 13 February 2018 there will be warranty for second-hand vehicles.

Prior to sale of these vehicles, an expertise report will be compiled and a tracking system for the second-hand vehicles will be established. According to the new regulations, an authorization for 5 years will be certificated for sale of second-hand vehicles.

An information system for second-hand vehicles will be established and “vehicle delivery certificate” will be compiled. The certificate will contain information on mileage, painted and changed parts.

The auto galleries and certified establishments which sell second-hand vehicles will give warranties of 3 months or 5 thousand kilometers as from the date of sale.

The faults in the vehicles sold within the scope of the warranty will be repaired within 30 work days.

The market places for selling second-hand vehicles will be established and operated by the municipalities.

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