The implementation of super-services: which public services will be provided automatically in 2020?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russian Federation is developing superservices that allow receiving public services online in a simplified mode, including those that provide social support.

The introduction of super services on the public services portal is a new way to avoid the bureaucracy. Electronic information from the digital profile of the citizen is automatically received by departments. The system monitors when services are needed, selects documents itself and draws up applications. Moreover, one electronic application may contain a request for several services at once, which excludes unnecessary visits to government agencies.

All stages of the work will be displayed to the user.

Fact: 15 prototypes of super services have appeared.

Forecast: 25 super services will appear, among which there are the most important for business.

Оn the federal portal of public services the detailed descriptions of the first ten are available:

  • birth of a child;
  • admission to the university online;
  • relocation to another region;
  • registration of the euro protocol online;
  • digital enforcement proceedings;
  • online justice;
  • filing applications with law enforcement agencies;
  • online pension;
  • appeal of fines online;
  • loss of a loved one.

There is information for each of these complexes:

  • what will help the super service;
  • how it works (video presentation);
  • how it will develop in the future.

A feedback form is available in all sections.

In 2020, we can expect several important prototypes for business:

  • business registration;
  • digital business permissions;
  • state support for business;
  • digital construction;
  • transportation of passengers and goods.

All 25 super services should earn by 2021.

The team of the national project “Digital Economy” offers everyone to participate in improving future super services. After the description of each set of services there is a button "Take part". By clicking on it, the user receives a link to the prototype of the super service. After reading it, the system will offer to describe the impressions and give recommendations. For example, you can specify what other functions and services should be added to the super service.

The pilot version of the super service will start working in 2020 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Rostov regions. In 2023, the service will operate throughout the country.

This innovation will really make life much easier for Russian citizens. However, this does not take into account the numerous pitfalls that often occur when performing almost any procedure from the list. In case of such difficulties, of course, it is better to contact specialists.

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Author: Elizaveta Mironova – legal assistant

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