Novelties in Goods Labelling with Means of Identification in the EAEU

Authors: Leila Makhmetova, Counsel, and Zarina Malikova, Lawyer, GRATA International

As you may know, the Agreement for Labelling Goods with Means of Identification in the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter - the 'Agreement') entered into force. Pursuant to the Agreement, an obligatory labelling of goods with machine-readable and mutually readable marks in the territory of the Union is introduced in the EAEU countries.

The national legislation of the EAEU countries must comply with the provisions of the Agreement. To this effect, the relevant amendments were introduced to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 12 April 2004, No. 544-II 'On Regulation of Trading Activities'. The amendments have already been enacted.

Labeling with identification signs means the application of stickers (labels) on products with a unique sequence of characters in machine-readable form. The marking must be (1) presented as a bar code, or (2) written on the radio frequency tag, or (3) presented through another means (technology) of automatic identification.

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