Today the dynamics and scale of migration processes in Kazakhstan is one of the important components of the economic development of the country, and in this aspect migration for the purpose of labor activity remains relevant.

According to the demographic statistics of migration of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022, arrivals for this year amounted to 17,293 people, of which the main migration exchange of the country took place with the CIS countries. The share of arrivals from CIS countries was 85.9%. 

A large proportion of those arriving in Kazakhstan were Russians, namely in connection with the geopolitical situation in September 2022 about 98,000 Russians entered Kazakhstan, while the number of those leaving is 64.2 thousand. For the first quarter of 2023, the number of those who arrived was 3,880, and those who left was 1,733.  Based on the above data, it can be assumed that the remaining part of the citizens of the Russian Federation who entered the country (more than 30,000 people) were employed in Kazakhstan. 

At the same time, as of 1 April 2023, 14,417 foreign nationals were working in the Republic on the basis of permits from local executive bodies.


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