Brief information on the mechanism of providing financial support to entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Azerbaijan

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted Action Plan in accordance with the paragraph 10.2 of the Order #1950 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 19, 2020.

The Action Plan dated April 4, 2020 is focused on reducing the negative impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and, consequently, sharp fluctuations in world energy and stock markets on the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, macroeconomic stability, employment and entrepreneurship.

The implementation of the measures in the Action Plan entrusted to the Ministry of Economy is divided into 3 stages. At the initial stage, the following measures to be implemented:

- to pay employees working in the areas affected by the pandemic a part of the salary,

- to provide financial support to individual (micro) entrepreneurs,

- tax benefits in order to protect economic activity.


For the provisions of these measures, the following areas of activity affected by the pandemic have been identified:

-        In the industrial sector:

·         Manufacturing sector (excluding food, medicine, tobacco and beverage production)

-        In the trade sector:

·         Wholesale and retail trade (excluding selling of food, medicine and petroleum products)

-        Tourism, catering and other services sector:

·         Operation of hotels, motels, hostels and similar facilities, which are considered accommodation facilities.

·         Activities of tour operator and tour agent:

·         Transportation and (or) delivery of goods on orders, including food, food and non-food products

·         Public catering activities;

·         Organization of exhibitions, operation of stage, recreation and entertainment (game), cinema, theater, museum and concert halls;

·         Operation of sports and health facilities;

·         Activities of training (education) and professional development courses, children's education and development centers, children's clubs, psychological centers;

·         Activities of barbershops, beauty salons;

·         Private educational institutions (including kindergartens);

·         Car maintenance and repair.

-        Transport sector:

·         Domestic freight and passenger transportation (including taxi).

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