Kazakhstan: COVID-19. FAQ on Employment Issues

  1. If the employer plans to transfer employees to remote work, is it possible to do so only by issuing the relevant order?
  2. Shall the employer make any additional payments to employees when transferring them to remote work? What other features the employer in case of remote work shall consider?
  3. If, due to the operation specifics, is it impossible for the employer to transfer all the employees to remote work to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus? Does this impose any additional obligations on the employer with respect to employees who continue working in the office?
  4. If kindergartens are closed in view of the quarantine, how will employed parents be able to take care of their children? Are they eligible for any benefits?
  5. Can the employer reduce the salary and the working hours of employees in the view of the reduction in the volume of work?
  6. How can an employer optimise staffing or payroll in the view of reduced workload?
  7. Can a company apply the downtime mode for cleaners because the company temporarily does not need to clean the office, since all office employees work remotely because of the state of emergency (quarantine)?

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