Constitution for Business Adoptedby Parliament

The Entrepreneurs’ Law of 6 March 2018 is the main part of the “Constitution for Business” project which is to be a comprehensive reform of the economic law in Poland. The Act introduces a number of rules to give entrepreneurs a guarantee of maintaining economic freedoms and regulating their relations with public authorities.

The act is to replace the 2004 Act on Freedom of Business Activity. The solutions included in the act embrace, among others: a catalogue of rights and obligations of entrepreneurs and authorities, providing guidelines for administrative bodies and limits of their interference in the freedom of running economic activity; a change of the entrepreneur - administration relation towards a more friendly and balanced one, by introducing, in particular, the principle of the presumption of the entrepreneur’s integrity, the principle of friendly interpretation of binding legal provisions, as well as the key principle “if something is not forbidden by law, then it is allowed”; the introduction of the rule of using by entrepreneurs only TAX ID number in contacts with administrative bodies. The Act comes into force 30 days after its publication.

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