Benefits of relocation of business to Uzbekistan

"New Uzbekistan" is a new policy concept that has given impetus to long overdue political and economic reforms. In 2021, the GDP of Uzbekistan at current prices amounted to UZS 734.6 trillion (USD 69.2 trillion). The growth compared to the level of 2020 amounted to 7.4%. According to statistics, the most active growth is observed in the field of transport and IT - 17.2%.

The strategic geographic location of the Republic of Uzbekistan (i.e., a trading gateway to a market with approximately 50 million consumers in Central Asia and 300 million in Western China), including ease of travel to Europe and East Asia with direct flights to major destinations, are essential in choosing a country for relocation purposes. In addition, visa-free entry is provided for citizens of 87 countries, including EU countries, CIS countries, and OECD countries.

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