Business relocation to the CIS countries and Georgia

Business relocation to the CIS countries and Georgia

In a period of unprecedented geopolitical turbulence and associated financial and logistical challenges, many entrepreneurs are considering relocating their businesses to more politically and economically stable jurisdictions. An alternative to the countries of the European Union and offshore countries can be rapidly developing member states -Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

These states are distinguished by their geographical proximity to Russia, well-established economic and cultural ties, relatively low cost and ease of establishing a business, tax incentives and special preferential regimes, in particular, for IT businesses.

The articles in this collection, prepared by experts from the international law firm GRATA International, highlight the most pressing issues for investors when deciding whether to relocate an existing and/or establish a new business:

  • optimal organizational forms of doing business;
  • procedure for establishing a company;
  • taxes;
  • labor and migration issues;
  • opening accounts and currency regulation.

We are looking forward to receiving your questions, and provide practical assistance in organizing a business in any of the jurisdictions discussed in this collection of articles.

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