On April 24, 2020 Prime Minister of Georgia – Giorgi Gakharia, presented Anti-Crisis Economic plan. Prime Minister reviewed social programs and economic reliefs that the government of Georgia had already implemented. Prime Minister presented the following anti-crisis plan:

1.       Social assistance plan for citizens (to be renewed after the end of epidemic):

1.1.             Employees who lost their jobs or were given unpaid leave, will receive 1 200 Gel throughout the period of  6 months, in monthly installments of GEL 200;

1.2.             Employers will receive subsidy from the state for each retained employee for the consequent 6 months:  750 Gel will be exempted from income tax (for the salaries below GEL 1 500).

1.3.             Self-employed individuals and those employed in informal sector will receive one-time assistance of GEL 300;

1.4.          Additional assistance of GEL 600 during the consequent 6 months will be provided to:

1.4.1.       Families with social rating grade ranging between 65 000 – 100 000; as well as between 0 – 100 000, which have three and more children below 16;

1.4.2.       Individuals with severe disabilities and disabled children;

1.5.             Pension Index System - from January, 2021;

1.5.1.       Pension Increase of no less than inflation rate;

1.5.2.       Pensions for the elderly (≥ 70) will be added with 80% of economic growth, meaning that annual rise of the pension will be higher than inflation;

1.5.3.       Pension increase will not be less than GEL 20; for the elderly (≥ 70) - no less than GEL 25;

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