Amendments to gambling regulations

Amendments to gambling regulations

The Law on “Amendments to the Law on "Lotteries"” (the “Amendment Law”) was adopted on 27 December 2021 and entered into force on 1 January 2022.

The Amendment Law:

(i) provided the revised definitions of targeted lottery, winning fund, winning, competent authority, and electronic lottery;

(ii) defined the virtual lotteries, virtual environment, lottery terminals, lottery ticket sellers as follows:

  • virtual lotteries - a lottery form that is simulated or generated by computer algorithms and (or) on the basis of races selected from real sports and other events that took place in the past by means of computer algorithms, accompanied by the provision of winnings to the owners of winning lottery tickets and (or) creating betting opportunities (Article 2.0.16-1);
  • virtual environment - telecommunication networks, information systems and networks, information and telecommunication networks, including internet network, mobile communication networks, social media platforms, other electronic means of communication, internet and mobile telecommunication applications, as well as platforms based on other technologies, created by lottery organizer for playing lotteries (Article 2.0.18);
  • lottery terminal - self-service terminals, automated kiosks, and any other technological facilities that allow playing and/or selling lotteries (Article 2.0.19);
  • lottery ticket seller - a person operating under contract with lottery organizer and selling lottery tickets directly, through lottery terminals or virtual environment (Article 2.0.20)

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