A new level for retailers

A new level for retailers

A new level for retailers. The law on the unified information system for marking and tracking the movement of goods using identification marks has entered into force.

On January 1, 2019, Federal law No. 488-FZ of 25.12.2018 on the unified information system for marking and tracking the movement of goods using identification marks came into force, which, on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation, should be extended to all consumer products in Russia by 2024.

The order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 28.04.2018 No. 791-R approved the list of 11 groups of goods subject to mandatory labeling. First of all, shoes and tobacco products will fall under the new rules.

The legislator in this case pursues the purpose of counteraction to distribution of counterfeit production and fight against unfair participants of the consumer market by their exception. Honest producers will thus be able to increase share as a result of increased market transparency. Already today the created systems of marking for fur products and alcohol have demonstrated their efficiency.

As a result of the introduction of a unified labeling system, the consumer will have the opportunity not only to purchase legal and high-quality goods, but he will also be able to inform the regulatory authorities about the sale of illegal goods through the system and the mobile application "Honest sign". Moreover, the legislator plans to provide compensation to citizens for their activity in the fight against the spread of counterfeit products.

What should companies prepare for? It is necessary to be puzzled by the implementation of this marking system and be ready for financial investments, the size of which directly depends on the level of automation of the company.

First of all, it is necessary to register in the system "Honest sign" by submitting an application on the website Of the center for the development of advanced technologies (hereinafter-CRTC). This procedure is free, you will need an electronic digital signature.

Secondly, to switch to the electronic document management system (hereinafter-SED), since it is through the SED that documents accompanying the marked goods will be transferred.

Thirdly, it is recommended to connect an online cashier, because then You do not have to personally report the data on the sale of goods, they will automatically be sent to the CRF, and from there will go to the CRTC. 

Fourth, you should consider buying a barcode scanner with 2D-reading function, capable of reading unique Data Matrix codes when receiving and selling goods.

Fifth, it is necessary to adapt the commodity accounting system and cash register program and ensure their work with marking codes and accompanying electronic documents from the SED.

It is important to note that manufacturers will apply codes only to those products that will be released after the launch of mandatory labeling. Until then, you will have to label the goods from the old batches yourself.

Thus, the introduction of a mandatory labeling system will be a serious test for Russian retailers. It is necessary to check in advance compliance of the equipment with the declared requirements, and in case of need to update and adjust work of the new equipment.


Kristina Yakovleva- junior associate  at GRATA International St. Petersburg