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a t   t h e   2 5 t h   W o r l d   M i n i n g    
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Yerbolat Yerkebulanov will speak at the 25th World Mining Congress


On 19-22 June 2018 the 25th World Mining Congress (WMC) will be held in Astana. WMC is a global event in the mining industry that brings together specialists and scientists from different countries working in the solid mineral deposit – development sector.

The leading institutions along with key suppliers and service companies will present innovative developments in mining industry. The leading experts of mining industry and representatives of related industries from all over the world will give speech at the World Mining Congress.

Mines and Money Eurasia will be held as part of the World Mining Congress. Mines and Money is the leading international event series for capital-raising and mining investment. Yerbolat Yerkebulanov, Partner, Head of the Subsoil Use Department (Almaty), GRATA International will be a keynote speaker at the Mines and Money on June 20. His topic is "The Subsoil Code and new reality for current subsoil users in mining sphere". 

Click the link to find out more about the 25th World Mining Congress https://wmc2018.org/en/

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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