Y e r b o l a t   Y e r k e b u l a n o v   h e l d   a    
s e m i n a r   i n   A t y r a u   f o r    
r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s   o f   o i l f i e l d    
s e r v i c e   c o m p a n i e s  

On 20 November, Yerbolat Yerkebulanov (Head of Subsoil Use (Almaty) Department of GRATA International) held a seminar in Atyrau for representatives of oilfield service companies organized by BATYR Training Center.

During the event, issues of local content in procurement of subsoil users (including TCO, NCOC), including liability of subsoil users and suppliers, applicable reporting, as well as measures on mitigating legal uncertainty risks were discussed.

To consolidate the lecture material, apart from verbal discussion of situations from practice, participants also solved a number of cases.  

At the end of the seminar, the participants shared positive feedback about the lecture.

Practice areas
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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