Uzbekistan takes measures for expanding access to digital services and digital transformation

In order to ensure convenient access to digital services for the population and entrepreneurs, improve the business environment, and reduce administrative procedures, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has enacted the Resolution “On measures for expanding the coverage and enhancing the quality of digital services, as well as digital transformation in sectors, industries, and regions” No. ПП-162 dated May 24, 2023, (the “Resolution No. ПП-162”).

According to the Resolution No. ПП-162, starting from October 1, 2023, business entities are allowed to conduct retail operations with goods stored in the customs regime of a free warehouse within the framework of electronic commercial activities.

Furthermore, the list of activities permitted for residents of the IT Park now includes the following additional directions:

  • development and maintenance of multimedia, design, and animation products using software;
  • venture financing of projects in the field of information technology and implementation of acceleration programs by organizations located within the territory of the IT Park and its branches, registered at a legal address.
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