Uzbekistan ranked 87th in the United Nations e-Government Development Index

According to the UN e-Government Development Index (the “EGD Index”), Uzbekistan ranked 87th among 193 UN member countries. Compared with the previous year's EGD Index, Uzbekistan's position has been lowered by 6 points.  However, Uzbekistan still holds 2nd position in EGD Index among the Central Asian countries.

The EGD Index survey is conducted every two years, and the country’s ranking is composed based on three subindices:

  • online services index;
  • telecommunications infrastructure index;
  • human capital index.

Pursuant to the EGD Index, Uzbekistan achieved high results in advancing the field of online services despite the moderate level of infrastructure development in the country.

Nonetheless, Uzbekistan has improved its position in the E-Participation Index conducted by the UN by 13 positions, from 59th to 46 among 193 UN member countries.

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