Uzbekistan partially eased quarantine restrictions starting from 15 August

Uzbekistan partially eased quarantine restrictions starting from 15 August

The Special Republican Commission has adopted a resolution to gradually easy the quarantine measures. Pursuant to the resolution of the Commission starting from 15 August 2020:

  • previously adopted restrictions on the traffic movement, local air and rail communications are eased;
  • private kindergartens and schools, gyms, sanatoriums, boarding guest houses, children’s camps, guest houses, beaches, other recreational areas, as well as museums, beauty and hairstyle salons resumed their activities. In order to maintain continuing operations, the above-mentioned facilities must comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
  • family gatherings and celebrations are allowed, however, there is still a limit on the number of people that can attend such events – 30 people.

Starting from 17 August, road traffic between the regions has been resumed. Religious activities are also permitted from Monday to Thursday.

Starting from 20 August, the consumer goods marketplaces, building and construction marketplaces, trade malls, gyms and swimming pools will resume their business.

In addition to the above-mentioned easing of quarantine measures, the Special Commission decided to keep a number of restrictions and measures:

  • mandatory wearing of masks in public places and maintaining a social distance of two meters.
  • citizens with temperatures above 37°C and/or with other symptoms of being positive should stay at home.
  • restrictions of holding meetings and conferences in governmental bodies and organizations.
  • restrictions on the operation of parks, theatres, cinemas, and banquet halls and holding of mass events and gatherings.
  • the operation of catering facilities (cafes, restaurants, and others) is not allowed, except for summer and outdoor terraces, nightclubs, discos, spas and massage parlors, karaoke, billiards.

The Special Commission also recommends elderly people over 65 to self-isolate.  In addition, the previously established requirements, such as cars providing taxi services cannot have more than two passengers and should have a transparent barrier between the driver’s seat and passenger seats, remain in force.