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Uzbekistan introduces visa-free regime for citizens of Germany from 15 January

From 15 January 2019, Uzbekistan will introduce a visa-free regime for German citizens visiting Uzbekistan for tourism for 30 days, the press service of the State Committee for Tourism said in a statement.

This decision was adopted in order to strengthen cultural, scientific, educational exchange between countries, improve the investment climate and increase the tourist flow.

Relevant amendments were introduced to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to ensure the accelerated development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated 2 December 2016.

According to the amendments, visa-free visits to Uzbekistan for 30 days for tourist purposes will be introduced for citizens of Germany from 15 January 2019. It should be noted that earlier the introduction of a visa-free regime was scheduled for 1 January 2021.

According to the State Committee for Tourism of Uzbekistan, about 4,890 German citizens visited Uzbekistan in 2016, 7,2 00 – in 2017, and 18,090 - in 2018 (2.5 times more than in 2017 ).

As of 28 December 2018, 1 089 citizens of Germany were issued entry visas through the e-visa system, taking the 10th position among the countries, whose citizens used the program.

It should be recalled that from 10 February 2018, citizens of a number of foreign countries were allowed visa-free entry into the country, which in general had a favorable effect on the increase in tourist flows from these states.

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