Uzbekistan introduces changes to government regulations in connection with the improvement of the administration of e-commerce

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On amendments and additions to some resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the creation of favorable conditions for the improvement and further development of the administration of e-commerce" No. 392 dated July 20, 2022 provides the following:

  • introduction of a mechanism to prevent the disruption of purchases by refusing to fulfill contractual obligations, submitting proposals with artificially low prices, in connection with the introduction of an additional deposit;
  • classification of organizations into domestic producers of goods, as well as determining the maximum limit of the level of localization and verifying the reliability of information about its compliance with the established minimum level of localization for the products supplied;
  • exclusion of the possibility of market manipulation by setting the time for the completion of procurement procedures only on working days and working hours;
  • determination of the procedure for providing guarantees for the fulfillment of contractual obligations through advance payment and blocking of deposits on the personal accounts of procurement participants in the clearing house of the operator;
  • introduction of the procedure for issuing guarantees for the fulfillment of contractual obligations.
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