Uzbekistan established a new procedure for the construction of external advertising

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan has approved the regulation "On the Procedure for the Construction of External Advertising Facilities (Constructions)", which will enter into force on March 21, 2020 (the "Regulation"). This Regulation is the primary regulatory instrument in the sphere of placing external advertising facilities, which established the requirements for such facilities, taking into consideration the existing historical, social and cultural values of the cities. Various types of permitted external advertisement are regulated, including through the instalment of structures or facilities, the placement of billboards and information tools, theatre and concert posters of constructions based on the roofs and walls of the buildings, urban furniture, mobile objects, etc.

According to the Regulation, both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can place external advertising. Placed external advertising facilities shall correspond to the architectural appearance of buildings. It is necessary to present a passport for the advertising land plot and technical drawing to place the object of external advertising. In addition to the above, the Regulation also provides other technical requirements for external advertising objects, such as the permitted distance from the road, the parameters of the advertising space and determines the conditions under which installation of advertising objects is not allowed.

The Regulation provides for the placement of outdoor advertisements on suspension instalments, consisting of wire devices and advertising space, which are constructed only after obtaining the relevant permission of the authorized body and cannot be placed directly above the roads.

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