U z b e k i s t a n   a n d   I t a l y   s i g n    
a g r e e m e n t s   o n   t h e    
i m p l e m e n t a t i o n   o f   p r o j e c t s   f o r    
U S D   3 0 0   m i l l i o n  

Uzbekistan and Italy sign agreements on the implementation of projects for USD 300 million

On 7 May 2019, the Uzbek-Italian Business Forum was organized jointly with the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agricultural Unioncamere with the participation of business circles of Uzbekistan and Italy.

According to the results of the events, bilateral agreements were signed on the implementation of trade and investment projects totaling over USD 300 million, in particular, on establishing cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Union of Entrepreneurs and Farmers of Italy (UNTIC), on cooperation Omnia Onlus for the implementation of investment projects in the fields of agriculture, health care, pharmaceuticals, leather and textile products.

Including agreements on the creation of intensive gardens in Syrdarya region, organizing the production of furniture, sanitary ware, opening a joint venture for the extraction and processing of natural stone in Nurata district of Navoi region and others were agreed.

It is worth noting that at present 29 enterprises with the participation of Italian capital are engaged in the food industry, perfumery, knitwear, consumer goods, processing of cotton waste and trade function in Uzbekistan.

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