Uzbekistan adopts new Law on Advertising

Uzbekistan adopts new Law on Advertising

On June 7, 2022, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed the Law “On Advertising” No. ЗРУ-776 (the “Law on Advertising”).

According to the Law on Advertising, it is prohibited:

  • to advertise goods in printed publications (textbooks, school diaries, notebooks, and others) used in preschool education and upbringing, general secondary, secondary specialized and vocational education;
  • to indicate prices (tariffs) in foreign currency in advertising;
  • to advertise informational products without specifying the age classification in cases provided for by the legislation on the protection of children from information that is harmful to their health;
  • to use in advertising of forms, phrases and images contrary to national and family traditions, as well as generally accepted norms of morality and ethics;
  • advertising of breast milk substitute products;
  • advertising of energy drinks containing images of people who have achieved success in sports;
  • advertising of medicines that feature famous people, medical professionals, or persons whose appearance mimics that of physicians.

At the same time, the Law on Advertising allows advertising of beer, natural and sparkling wines produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including on television and radio from 23:00 to 07:00 local time.

The Law on Advertising comes into force on September 7, 2022.