Uzbekistan adopts new Law in the field of licensing and permitting procedures

The President of Uzbekistan signed the Law “On licensing, permitting and notification procedures” No.ЗРУ-701 dated July 14 2021 (the “Law on licensing”).

This Law on licensing will serve as a single document in the sphere of licensing, permitting and notification procedures and combines all applicable norms and requirements in this sphere.

According to the Law on licensing, applications for licenses or documents of permissive nature can now be filed through a special electronic system “License” or through the Unified Portal of Interactive Government Services (UPIGS).

Also, the Law on licensing defines:

  • the grounds for the introduction of licensing and permitting procedures;
  • the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Public Services Agency under the Ministry of Justice in the field of licensing, permitting and notification procedures;
  • the detailed procedure for reviewing applications for licensing or a permit document, extending their term, reissuing, amending, annulling and terminating their validity;
  • the grounds for refusal to issue licenses and permissive documents and suspension of their validity;
  • the requirements and conditions for the activities (actions) carried out under the notification procedure.

Moreover, the Law on licensing sets forth the exhaustive list of 49 licenses, 120 permitting documents and 33 types of notification procedures in force in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the Law on licensing, licenses and permitting documents are issued for an unlimited period, with the exception of certain types of activities.  

The Law entered into force on the date of publication.

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