U n i f i c a t i o n   o f   t h e   L a w s   " O n    
C o m p e t i t i o n "   a n d   " O n   N a t u r a l    
M o n o p o l i e s "   i s   p l a n n e d  

Unification of the Laws "On Competition" and "On Natural Monopolies" is planned

The Antimonopoly Committee began a discussion of a draft Law “On Competition” in a new edition. 

In the new edition, it is envisaged a unification of two laws “On Competition” and “On Natural Monopolies”. 

Experts of the Committee proposed to include certain articles that are not provided in the applicable law:

  • principles of competition;
  • introduction of the concept of state aid, monopsony (a situation in the market where a single buyer interacts with a multitude of sellers, dictating to them the price and volume of sales);
  • digital markets;
  • antimonopoly regulation of trading activities;
  • antimonopoly compliance (threat countering and risk management system).

The Committee also encourages representatives of the business environment, scholars, the expert community, public and international organizations to participate in the development of the new edition of the Law.

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